Why Elm Tree?

Winnipeg is home to over 200,000 Elm Trees making it the largest urban Elm tree forest in North America. These majestic trees form a canopy over many boulevards and streets throughout the city.

Elm trees symbolize Strength, Happiness and Wisdom.

Winnipeg is our home. We believe Elm trees are an important part of the identity of Winnipeg and Manitoba.  Elm trees are hardy; they are able to withstand extreme prairie conditions and act as pollution filters. Dutch Elm Disease is threatening the population of trees in Winnipeg.  Diversity in our forest canopy is also important to maintain and preserve our city landscape. 

Therefore, a portion of every purchase will be donated to a non-profit organization working towards maintaining urban forests.

Stick To Your Roots and find your own path in life.

Wrap Your Trunks

Tree Band - Wrap Your Trunks

Strength Happiness Wisdom

"Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time"

Katrina Mayer